What The Need For A Good WindowsPhone Streaming App Has Done to Me

Warning! Lots of hyperlinks ahead!

Now, new music is important to my sanity. Familiar music, your favourite songs, are important links to your past. But new music, vibrant music, this makes whole new connections in your brain. The right new music changes your mood and gives you new ideas and powerful insights. I use music as a gateway to concentration. It gets me into a zone when I need to get down to work. I need music to keep my brain from… well… to keep it from driving me crazy and I don’t mind paying an annual or monthly fee to get access to the music I want.

But I want to be able to stream music seamlessly. Microsoft killed Groove  so my choices were to find an app that works with my windowsphone or get a whole new phone.

Not having a decent streaming app on my Lumia 950XL infuriates me. The phone has dual SIM capability (which means not carrying 2 phones around), 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory plus it’s expandable. Sure, the Microsoft Store isn’t brimming with apps, but what of it? Do I want my phone bogged down and draining battery because I can’t play the latest and greatest game? So long as it plays Minecraft and Halo: Spartan Strike, my son is in the clear. I play slly games like Dune and Dream Machine (the latter of which my wife plays like a rockstar).

For a new phone, I’d already decided to move to Android if I do, and it would be a toss up between the Honor 10 and the OnePlus 6 (It had been the OnePlus 5T, but that’s no longer available). Both phones have dual SIM, which is what I want so I can avoid carrying around two phones. But I wasn’t ready to give up on Windowsphone just yet.

Which means I need to find a good streaming app for my Windowsphone.

Spotify does nothing to support their Windowsphone app. While I don’t blame them, I don’t laud them for it either. In typical insanity cub style, I wrote a scathing review of their app in the Microsoft Store. Yes, Windowsphone is technically dead, but there are about seven million users out there (using a 2017 estimate), so some people would use it, and a fraction might even purchase a subscription. You’d think it would be worth it to risk an investment, if only to break even. It shows commitment to the market. Mind you, I am happy with the desktop version – they have FINALLY connected it to Cortana.

So, yes. I deleted it from my phone along with Spoticast – which is a decent alternative and they work really hard to make it usable, but in the end, it’s crashes and unreliable and I don’t blame them – I blame Spotify for not buying them as a startup and getting them to make it for them.

I had a Google Play Music account for a time, and it was good, but when you don’t have a Google Digital Ecosystem, it’s not much good to you.

With that all said, I’ve landed with Deezer as my streaming platform.

$0.99 CAD a month for the first three month and $9.99 a month afterwards. All the same premium services that Spotify offers with all the same music – well, all of my music, which works for me. Additionally, it has Flow, which chooses music for me based on my music habits. I have come to like it in a very short time. I’ve since installed it on my ancient Surface RT 64GB and it works like a charm. I haven’t tested it out on any of my other laptops yet but if it does integrate seamlessly with Cortana, then I guess Spotify won’t be getting my money anymore.

Although, I may have to just downgrade my account because I think my daughter really, really likes Spotify (because it’s what all the other cool kids have).

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