There will be rambling

I have no idea what to write about and I have only a few hours to my deadline.

The deadline is arbitrary. I set the goal of blogging at least 500 words a day for a month by 11:00AM of each day. Usually, I write it the day before, mull it over and edit it before it posts. That did not happen yesterday.

I like to plan my days as much as possible. It reduces stress. I’ve had arguments with people that seem to believe that when you schedule things so rigidly that you don’t adapt to change. Those same people reject my counter argument that schedules help you adapt. Knowing what rules you are breaking lets you be aware of the risks you are taking. Life is all about risk. Stress comes with your ability to manage that risk and knowing what to take on and what not to take on. If you aren’t energized when you are overwhelmed (and some people are – I have fun in ‘firefighting mode’), then you need to know when to step back. Making schedules does that.

And, in this case, my schedule got the better of me.


This is how my schedule looks for the week – how much time I spend doing what. As you can see, I spend almost as much time with my car (‘commuting’) as I do with my family (‘family time’). And the slice for ‘prepare’ means all of the things that I do to get ready to do the things that I do.

What I try to do is reduce some of the areas to make room for the others. So, the idea in mind is to prepare as much in advance as possible so that I can have time for other things like family and maybe sleep (which you can see that I spend more time at work than I do asleep).

The other sliver of the pie is for writing, wedged between showering and time spent cleaning up around the house (no one will ever mistake me for a good housekeeper). So, for one the one thing I love to do more than anything else is in the bottom third (actually, more like the bottom sixth) of what I do in a week. How messed up is that?

To make the most out of writing is to schedule when I write, that way my muse knows when and where to show up for work. If I am all over the place, how can they know where to meet me and help with my ideas or give me motivation? I make the time to write and I have templates I work with every day that help me when it comes to writing. I always have a notebook on me – or a computer – so I can capture the ideas out other the ether and trap them in a template. And then, when it is time to write, I show them to the muse and see what they can make of them. Sometimes we get a hit, sometimes we get a miss, but at least we get some writing done.

That didn’t happen this week. Work got the better of me and I just wasn’t feeling a hundred percent – you can’t schedule a headache and I had one that lasted five days (cluster headache for those of you that are curious). The result is that I am clamouring to smash out five hundred words of SOMETHING before my first meeting starts at 7:00AM (I’ve been on the go since 4:00AM this morning – which is pretty much the start of my every morning).

None of this made sense, I imagine. But thanks for reading. 🙂

(for the record, I clicked ‘SCHEDULE’ at about 6:58AM – giving me a couple minutes to maybe grab a coffee before my meeting)

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