Lost Notes

I scrubbed my OneNote notebook looking for entries about my father in law’s computer and found nothing. I submitted a password reset to Microsoft but they denied it – not because they are being difficult, but because probably it was a different person with the same name. I rocked back and forth in my rocking chair with his laptop on my lapdesk, scourging myself for not writing it down somewhere or keeping it in a place I wouldn’t lose it. I’ll get to it eventually, but in the meantime, I found some pretty interesting exercise notes in my OneNote when I checked it out.

I had switched to Evernote about a year ago and never looked back – but I really should have went through my notes then to see what I had been working on:

  • I found some great study notes I took when reading “Seven Basic Plots”. I remember making them and forgot them completely at the same time. I can use those to make more story templates for when I have ideas.
  • I have ALOT of recipes stashed away in there (most of which I should avoid these days, like this one here
  • In the folder of exercises I found a bunch of ‘bodyweight’ exercises, (here, here and here) which I found fascinating because I took notes about this before and forgot about them like the , too. These days,  I find myself going to the “Men’s Health” website to check out for new tips and tricks, subscribing to YouTube channels about exercise, and even keeping a spreadsheet to track my daily routine and how much weight I am moving. What it looks like, though, is it’s something on my mind a long time ago yet I did nothing about it.

Then I thought about it:

  • I keep a pocket notebook on me at all times (Mell had to make sure that I didn’t have one with me when we got married. And I didn’t. I had a pen and some loose paper)
  • I have access to a full sized notebook at all times. I always have a pen (and a backup pen ready), so making notes isn’t an issue. Most times, I also have a geometry set and some markers with me, too, in case I need to do a diagram

And the conclusion I’ve drawn about myself is this – I take great notes. I need to do a better job of organizing them.


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