The Best Camp There Never Was

Georgina camps were 90% booked before the end of March but Mell managed to finagle something so that the kids each got two weeks of camp this summer. The lady she spoke to said it’s the fastest it has filled up in 10 years.

I only ever remember going to a kind of field trip camp – a different place in Toronto every day. There was a trip Centre Island and I remember seeing “Grease” for the first time. That lasted one summer. Every other summer after, I either hung out in Haliburton with my aunt or worked on a farm in Buckhorn with my uncle (although, I remember a farm in Peterborough, too – with a grain silo cap decorated in white and green).

This year, Elena had her sights set on “Leadership Camp”, making her nerdy dad extremely proud, but that got booked up. She’s going canoeing instead, making nerdy dad doubly proud because his canoe skills are poor and she needs to learn how to take care of her dad – someone needs to be the grown up.

Reid is signed up for two weeks of fun camp – nothing specific. But one of the ones I thought would be cool for him was a “Soldier’s Camp” – he does have an interest in all things military and I thought he would find the experience inspiring. Again, nerdy daddy sees him as a commando on missions saving the country. My boy had other ideas.

So I asked what he thought of the idea of a camp where he learned how to be soldier.

“I don’t think so, Daddy,” Reid told me. We were in the kitchen, watching “Rogue One” on the laptop – he did all the watching while I cleaned up after dinner and made lunches for tomorrow.

“I was sure you’d be into it,” I said.

“Naw. Only if I could be a rebel soldier. Do they have Star Wars camp?”

Dad went from nerdy proud to geeky proud – they are next to each other on the weirdo meter. If you don’t know, then you don’t have one.

“No, but they should!” That would be a great idea for a local chapter of the 501st.

“Yeah, but not just a Rebel Soldier camp or a Stormtrooper camp. There’d also be a Jedi Camp and a Sith Camp and at the end of the week, you have to perform a lightsaber duel with your partner. And Rebel Soldier and Stormtroopers would design battles where they capture the flag and stuff.”

My son is a genius.

So, Georgina Parks and Recreation, if you are reading, you are free to take this idea. And you have to make it open for all ages. Just sayin’.

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