Lie to me

I’ve been away for a while but I am back for a bit. 

The schedule of posting every day took up too much time and there are only so many hours in the day. To say that it started to be like work was a good thing – I like it when it’s work. I like the process. But when I bounced what I was actually doing against my plan, something had to give. 

Oh. I didn’t stop writing. That’s simple madness. Frankly, writing every day unlocked something inside me very powerful. So powerful, that I am reluctant to share it with the world because I want to keep it for myself for a while. 

I can describe it like this – I felt like breaking down a plate glass window when I saw a copy of short stories edited by John Metcalf on a shelf of an independent book store closed for the day. That’s because I know John Metcalf from The Humber School of Writers – he was my mentor for a couple of weeks and I will never, ever forget him. 

I saw a new Timothy Zahn novel (a new one with Thrawn and Darth Vader) and I immediately purchased an advanced digital copy so it will be delivered to my Kindle the day it is published. I don’t know Zahn, but I feel like I know him from what he did with the novels that first introduced Thrawn. I will read anything he writes. 

I lost sleep so I could finish Stephen King’s “The Outsider”. It wasn’t a great novel, but an entertaining one. After reading “On Writing” and listen to the audiobook he narrates over and over for the past twenty years, I feel like I know him. I will read anything he writes, good or bad. 

Larry Niven. Isaac Asimov. Harlan Ellison. Carl Sagan. These are writers I like because I feel like I know them and I want to hear what they have to say. 

This is because they tell me the truth, even when they are flat out lying to me. They are telling me things about themselves without dropping their names or saying a word about what they have done or who they are. Their fictions are made from the mixed up jumbled ingredients of their lives. Carl Sagan only ever wrote “Contact” as fiction, but even that is a powerful book. Even his non-fiction, when he got it completely wrong (read “Billions and Billions”) he made me sit up and listen. 

So, in writing every day, in digging deep to find things from my head to talk about, I think I’ve unlocked how to properly lie to you people and tell you everything about me.  

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