“Hey, just so’s you know,” my wife said. “My parent’s neighbour is subscribing to your blog. He wanted to let you know”

“My what?”

It stunned me to learn there were real people I knew actually subscribing to my content.

That lead to dread, knowing it had been ages since I last posted.

So, I thought what better to do than to start all over with a new blog,

Give me a couple of minutes before I get it rolling. I’m migrating my content and making a commitment, for the next 30 days, to write at least 100 words a day. The 2019 winner of the NYC Midnight Short Screenplay contest inspired me to do this.

M. Rowan Meyer wrote a book called “Tiny Fiction“, a collection of short works ranging from a few sentences to a few pages – 300 of them. I figured I could do much the same. Plus, he has a host of awards to his credit and his tenacity and skill inspired me to give it a shot. His entries into the contest were also amazing – I encourage you to check him out here.

I assure you, I never met the man. I’m pimping him out because he’s really good.

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