The Femex Oblates of Sabiel the Wapeless

Credit for the image is given to Justin “Coro” Kauffman. Found it on reddit. It gave me the inspiration to take a page from The Mysteries of Harris Burdick and frame my ideas around images. What I’m going to do is build a rabbit hutch of plot bunnies that I can hopefully make use of someday.

With that in mind, here is The Femex Oblates of Sabiel The Wapeless.

FYI, wapeless, femex and sluthing are completely made-up words courtesy of This Word Does Not Exist. And the language of Kazozhian is as real as I can make it and was created by Vulgar highly recommendedin the first draft it was Zhikzen but I changed it.

wapeless ; lacking enthusiasm or confidence; slack-jawed

femex ; androids of no fixed gender

sluthing ; femex slang for thoughtless or meaningless sexual advances

Tanelia smelled the ozone from Sabiel’s connections and the lubricant from his joints over the incense in the electronic censer. In their peripheral vision, Arun lay prostrate in ritual response to the offertory from their master. While training granted them the grace and strength to maintain reverent attention, they couldn’t help but think, “A sluthing thong?” It risked dispelling their lord’s revered wapelessness.

“Køzzəz køz ˈkøkøzɔ?” Sabiel asked in the white static Kazozhian language of the Oblates . His hooded, electric blue eyes glowed above the olfactory slits and immobile jaw of his skin sheathed cranium.

“Your Femex is ready,” Tanelia replied in the common tongue, feeling his rusty extension press between their legs.

For the curious, I think I might expand this story. I’m really liking Tanelia. I’ve wrote a second block here

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