Tears from Jupiter

               Didn’t think I would actually consider writing MORE about this ridiculous idea, but I couldn’t get it out of my head all night. And this morning, my zen-a-day calendar conjured an inspiring quote from Dizzy Gillespie.

               “It’s taken me all my life to learn what not to play.”

               Couple that with other bloggers following my crazy ideas and their wonderfully crazy, beautifully written ideas, I figured “Why not?”

               So. Here’s goes nothing. You can read here if you want to see where this started.

               One blink later, the genie transported him to the past at the usual cost of one day of his life for every hour he needed to go back. A day and a half didn’t amount to much but using it over the course of a problem-filled journey on the Jovian run, he’d acquired more grey hairs than living thirty-three years warranted.

               “Ellida?” He called out. “You there?”

Justine chose “Ellida” when baptizing The Ringhorn’s AI.

“Online,” they answered.

Mission control configured his ship to account for the unique characteristics gifted to him when all the ice melted and opened a Pandora’s Box of organisms that transformed to human race, so it didn’t confuse his time-travelling self with the mainstream one.

“Level one kaptroller diagnostic, please. It’s going to fail in about an hour and a half.”

“Anything specific? A level one takes several minutes.”

Damnit. I jumped the gun. He didn’t think to check for details. And he didn’t have time to waste. But the kaptroller wasn’t that complicated.


“Beginning scan.”

Ellida woke him to fix the failure while they navigated and managed routine. Keeping him in stasis conserved energy by not having to support him for two-year journey, which allowed them to ferry more supplies to the colony on Callisto. In the meantime, messages from friends and family would be stored for him to read during deceleration to the moon’s surface, and to be briefed on the lifeforms they found under the crust. Now that he was awake and waiting for a scan, it was as good a time as any. Plus, even though he was awake for only a few minutes, he already missed Justine.

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