The Ballad of Right & Wrong

Stumbled upon this awesome, solo role playing game concept. I like solo role playing games only because I miss group roll playing sessions. I fiddle about with the simpler ones because it’s easy to slip in an out.

I found a really cool one here that actually helps design a story. And seeing as how I cut my writing time down to the wire (I’m actually 15 minutes late) I figured this was a good time to try it out. I honestly like the results. I could be accused of it being a little too Kill Bill but I’m okay with that. What you see below are the cards I drew and how it helped form the story.


  • 2CLUBS
    • Duality – morality and social themes
      • In the past, the world was caught between doing what was right or following the will of the crowd. The absolute right – the moral right – of a person to live was at odds with the group choice whether someone should die. Even if a man was found innocent of a crime, if their death would serve the common good and to make people feel secure, then that man would be put to death and he would not argue. It would be an honourable death.

Present and call to action

  • Jack of hearts
    • Neutral (character) emotional and relationships
      • A gang kills a man for the contents of his shop. The man could not protect himself. He was at the mercy of the mob. The gang took his store and killed him. None of them are charged.

Future and conflicts

  • 9 Hearts
    • Morality emotional and relationships
      • The woman declares it a crime and wants to takes the law into her hands and kill the gang. The law finds her in the wrong, for she has nothing to gain except revenge, and that’s not an acceptable reason to kill them.


  • King of Hearts
    • Active emotional and relationships
      • The woman doesn’t kill the gang. She attacks the police and takes them over. That way she can determine what is right and wrong.

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