about role-playing games

I played mostly Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Made it to the second edition and then tried some other role-playing games. “Star Frontiers”, “Marvel Superheroes”, “Mechwarrior”, “Battletech”, “Heroes Unlimited”, “TMNT”, “Palladium”. That’s as many as I can think of off the top of my head. There are more. Those are the ones I played at least 1 session in. Over time, I lost contact with my friends and stopped playing but remained interested.

My son’s shown an interest in role-playing games. We made a table-top based one for a project at his school. We’ve played a few sessions of “Warhammer: 40K”. We’ve played a few sessions of “Lost Mine of Phandelver”. We always have fun. But I can see the rules making him lose interest. So I’ve been researching some alternatives and considering making a version of my own.

d20 – Beautiful looking system, but somehow the breakdown of the rules were not comfortable for me. I guess I was looking for something closer to AD&D second edition. And I know D&D adopted the d20 system eventually. But remember. I’m old. Give me STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, CHA, and savings throws for PAR/POI and POT/POLY and RSW. Even give me THAC0. Give me a 10 foot pole and 50 feet of rope.

CORTEX – Amazing system. But it deals more with reactions and solving puzzles. I didn’t see any combat system. I was having trouble having to learn a system in order to design my own combat system. Plus, the system of magic and special powers was lost on me. I’m used to spell books. I started to worry about having to covert all the spells I knew into the CORTEX version. Didn’t strike my fancy. I did my part. I bought a rulesbook from them.

GURPS – I was more comfortable for this because it developed alongside the AD&D I knew. After reviewing the rules, my only honest complaint was “I only use a d6? I mean, I have bags and bags of polyhedral dice. What am I going to do with them?” The more I read though, the more I liked. I could totally see me playing this. I still had some trouble with understanding the magic system, because I envisioned a campaign where anyone can do some magic. I didn’t want to have to invent my own spells and rules and stuff.

So I started reading about Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game. The name of the game sounded ridiculous, but when I started to read it, it’s actually almost perfect for what I’m looking for. Because, it turns out, I really don’t have the time and energy to invent a roleplaying system right now. I downloaded the PDF (from the site, as a Digital download and not stolen) and I’ll pour through it later and see if that’s the direction me and Reid go.

I’m going to find an excuse, though, to incorporate my other dice. I can’t just use a d6. It’s not Yahtzee for Christ’s sake.

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