Base2 System

2nd Posting of this image but it’s relevant

I’ve been thinking about my system for the past few days. I’m calling it Base2 for now.

The levels are name based – common, uncommon, rare, very rare, heroic, legendary, mythical, supernatural. Those levels apply to player character, game master characters, and monsters. Their innate abilities and skills and spells are all based on those classes. When you “punch up”, you’re at a disadvantage. When you “punch down”, you have the advantage. When you “punch up” and win, you score big. When you “punch down”, not so much. Punch too far down and you will actually set yourself back.

Combat is a combination of size – tiny, very small, small, medium, large, very large, monstrous and gargantuan – power level. And the same conditions apply for “punching up” and “punching down”.

Spells are in progress. But I expect to steal shamelessly from other systems.

Skills, innate abilities, and monsters are all in progress as well, but I shall steal with abandon.

Porting from real life should be simple enough – determine it’s level (common, etc…) then classify its size.

Magical weapons would be something else – I would have to incorporate crafting into the system as well. So a heroic magical weapon would have certain pre-requisites before it could be enchanted in addition to the degree of enchantment. And it would effect combat as well – a heroic character wielding a legendary weapon would be fighting at a legendary level. And so forth.

I’m really having fun with this.

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