base 2 combat sample

Created two characters. The most basic of basic. I didn’t assign innate abilities or skills. I did assign bonuses based on the race they chose. In this instance, the fantasy world of mine – Gremyr – doesn’t have orcs. But it does have goblins. So I used those. And, for reference, I have wyrmkin. Which are humanoid dragons. But not in the way you think. I’m going to use that as a variant. Think of the mutations that are allowed in the old Palladium/T.M.N.T. universe. You can have a very dragon looking humanoid or a very humanoid looking dragon. I’m kinda thinking that every race on Gremyr can be a hybrid.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

For now we have the human, Grail Talonstar, facing off against the goblin, Tnozax. I gave them both the same weapon set – as if they are in a cage, fighting for my entertainment.


The human is medium sized. The goblin is large sized.

Being medium against the large, there is an advantage when it comes to dodging but not to defending. But when you dodge, you sacrifice your initiative and hope you win the next round. If you defend and you are successful, then you can return the attack.

When large is against medium, there is a size advantage that increases your chance to hit and the damage you inflict.

The weapon of choice for these two is 2d10. I really badly want to incorporate more dice but these ones seem to work with what I have going on.

Grail and Tzonax roll for initiative. Adding size modifier to ability modifiers shows that Tzonax wins initiative.

Tzonax rolls to attack and gets a 27. Grail elects to dodge, forfeiting his chance to defend and then fight back, mostly because he’s afraid of the goblin. Because he’s smaller, he can’t get out the way fast enough – but I’m thinking now that won’t be true. Either way, even if we did the +1, he would not have dodged.

Roll a 2 for damage on a d10. Because Tzonax is bigger, there is a +1 damage. And because of the strength modifier of +9, Tzonax does 12 damage.

….On second thought, I’m wondering about damage for weapons. It can’t be based on size – because a bullet can do a tonne of damage. but maybe it can? Because maybe on a 10+ natural roll, you do a critical hit and multiply the damage by 3. But then I have to create classes for weapons that falls in the same area of the class of characters – a bullet would be a heroic weapon.

Because Grail elected not to defend, he lost the initiative and we have to roll again. He wins the initiative, but his attack roll is equal to Tzonax’s defend roll – and I decided as I rolled it that the tie always goes to the defender.

This is a good start. I’m having fun.

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