more on base2

First of all, not sure why I’m calling it Base 2. But we can work with that.

I think I have a decent system for racial abilities. It might need some tweaking, but I think I have it.

The thought process I have is that any humans who chose to take on a life of adventure are heroic by definition. Any non-human race already have extraordinary abiltiies and simply chose a life of adventure. I considered using the term “Human Races” – meaning that every other fantasy race is all based on humans to begin with, and the closer they came to the Powers of Gremyr (ostensibly the deities of Gremyr), the more gifts they received.

Yeah, the logic is kinda sketchy, but let’s go with it.

I accidentally cut off the last bit of the “goblin” scores

I made another adjustment. With the exception of dwarfs (more on that later) humans can mate with any of the other non-human races. And it’s not based on “half” but degrees. So, if you are a full elf, you get all the elfin abilities but are merely “common”. If you give up the innate ability of teleportation, you are bumped up to ‘uncommon’ and have the ability scores to go along with it (there’s another chart for base scores for each class). If they give up both laying of hands (healing) and light 10′ radius, then they get the rare class of ability scores. And so on.

Now, dwarfs are a non-human race but they cannot mate with any other race. They are hermaphrodites. They get the best of 3d10 score option + 5 points to distribute among any 3 of the physical scores and another +5 points to distribute among any mental score.

The idea being is that humans lack the natural abilities of other non-human races but they are classed higher, which gives them a better chance against them.

My next steps are 1/ details on innate abilities (What does infravision do? What can an Aylvan do when they fly? What is Cyclopean Berserker Rage? How many kinds of breath weapons does a Wyrmkin have) and 2/ skills (which I think will start with combat, espionage, study, and devotion).

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