Character sheet for “Heroes Of Adventure”

I took this image from here (
This image is taken from

I am so in love with this game and I haven’t even really played it. If I ever happened upon The Nameless Designer who did all of this (and I somehow imagine them wearing a paper bag over their head – like The Unknown Comic from the 70s and 80s – I loathe that I’m giving away my age with that reference, but so be it) when it came down to introductions I wouldn’t be able to look them in the eye, only blush bashfully and smile while I basked in their awesomeness.

My continent of Ervauses is almost completed. Maybe a few more weeks. Still need to finalize the limited ancestries for the player characters to choose from, finish off the pantheon of 28 deities who make up this world (I’ve got 14 more to go), finalize the political systems of each of the kingdoms/states, do a map and breakdown of the capitals of each of those kingdoms, and then make short summaries of the 30 or so spots of interest on the continent that can be visited and a quick one-shot adventure can be played.

But, what’s consumed the last few hours of my day is the character sheet. It’s not quite automated yet, but it’s quick enough. I made a character from scratch, complete with a semi-decent backstory, in less than ten minutes. It’s what I’ve attached here and what I am absurdly proud of.

I decided to turn it into a kind of brochure. So, you print it out, two sided, and then fold it in thirds. You have your main details on the front and then on the inside are the particulars. It is all from a spreadsheet, so when you have that open, you can pick and choose your spells based on your school. The sheet is built with the expectation you won’t ever have more than 3 schools of magic under your belt. If it turns out that it does happen, then I will have to build a different sheet!

If anyone reading this wants to read more, drop me a line. If anyone makes contact with The Nameless Designer, let them know how awesome they are.

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