Coffee Frog

To kick this off, this is NOT my image. It’s from this delightful person.

But can you not see the potential for this kind of robot in our life? A robot dog designed to look like a frog that brews coffee and comes running when you need a cup. The higher end models don’t slurp and slide and spill. But one day, a young boy taking a shortcut home from school, cuts through the rich part of town to get to his house on the “other side of the tracks”. He sees a couple enjoying an afternoon sit on the porch being attended to by their Amazon Coffee Dog – it brings them coffee on command and does all the things an Alexa can do. This pre-occupies him all the way home, through his own dinner with his parents – a meal he had to prepare from a can and they both showed up late because they were working overtime to earn extra money to spoil their kids at Christmas. His Dad asks him for a favour – if he can help with the garbage pickup tomorrow because Terry (one of his dad’s employees” called in sick. Our boy goes to bed early so he can get up for four am and help his dad collect garbage from the gated community that contracted his landscaping company to do maintenance on their cul-de-sac – the same gated community he cut through to get home.

Anyway, my story goes on and on from there. So, thank you to the wonderful person who designed this frog. It gave me a wealth of ideas!

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