So proud

Other parents talk to me about their kids sports activities. Some of it is house league others are higher levels. Soccer, softball, and hockey are the Big Three. It’s always good to hear but I have no similar stories to share.

Because the kinds of things my son is interested in are all the things I was interested in as a kid but was forced to play soccer, softball and/or hockey and I didn’t have the capacity to say “no”. Mostly because I didn’t know think I could or was allowed to. Let that be a lesson to the kids, you can always say no, no matter how much anyone says you can’t.

What my kid is interested in (one of them – the other is a social activist and she’s not much for sportsing either) is in the pictures attached here.

And I honestly, I’m as proud of this as any penalty kick, home-run or hat-trick that he could have got. I love my little guy (although, he is almost as tall as me….)

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